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Motorola Moto G42 (XT2233-x) PCB Teardwon
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إضافة قائمة المقاومات الحرارية لهاتف موتورولا Moto G42 XT2233-x
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After dismantling the device, we found that it consisted of the Following Chipsets and ICs:
بعد تفكيك الجهاز وجدنا أنه يتكون من الشرائح والآيسيات التالية:
SM6225 Qualcomm IC-MicroProcessor (CPU)
WL2834CA-6/TR WillSemi IC-LDO Voltage Regulator 6P
PM6225 Qualcomm IC-Power Supervisor (PMIC)
PM6375 Qualcomm IC-Power Supervisor (PMIC)
WL2864C-16/TR WillSemi IC-LDO Voltage Regulator
SGM41542YTQF24G/TR SG Micro IC-Charger QFN,24P
BQ25601D TI IC-Charger QFN,24P
SGM7220XUQT12G/TR SG Micro IC-USB Controller:CC Logic 12P
CW2217BAAC CellWise IC-Battery Fuel Gauge DFN,8P
SM5602 Silicon Mitus IC-Battery Fuel Gauge DFN,8P
AW32905FCR Awinic IC-Over Voltage Protection (OVP) 12P
AW88261FCR Awinic IC-Audio Amplifier 26P
AW88261FCR Awinic IC-Audio Amplifier 26P
WCD9370 Qualcomm IC-Audio Codec WLPSP.55P
DW8781A Dongwoon IC-Display Driver
RP114K301D-TRB Ricoh IC-LDO Voltage Regulator
AW36514FCR Awinic IC-LED Flash Driver
OCP81373WPAD Orient-Chip IC-LED Flash Driver 15P
2SK3541 Mosfet:30V N-Channel,100MA 3P
WCN3950 Qualcomm IC-WIFI Module WLPSP,58P
RP114K181D-TR Ricoh IC-LDO Voltage Regulator DFN,4P
S3NRN4V Samsung IC-NFC Controller
QET4101 Qualcomm IC-RF PMIC (APT) WLNSP,12P
VC7643-26 VanChip IC-Power Amplifier:MMMB PA MCP,38P

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